Homestead Life

Those of us who may have been born in the wrong time period, love a slow, simple lifestyle, or are in search of a healthier lifestyle are often called “modern homesteaders”. Homesteaders of the past were settlers, usually in a new place on a wild piece of ground. They had to build, plant, harvest, and provide everything with their own hands. It was very hard, labor intensive work then…and it is still pretty much is today.

While some modern homesteaders choose to live off the grid, providing their own energy, most of us have access to electricity. We have tractors, farm machinery, green houses, and all sorts of things that make this old fashioned lifestyle much easier that those of the past.

Modern homesteaders endeavor to raise their food on their small plots of land like those before them. We like knowing the origin of our food. Modern homesteaders work hard to grow/raise food organically, sustain ably, and with as much return to the land as they take. However, when the garden fails, frost comes early, the beef dies, egg production is down, wasps steel all the honey, or a dozen other wrecks….we can jump in our cars and gratefully load up at a grocery store. We probably won’t starve!

Artichokes in the afternoon sun
Raised beds in the garden
Hay waiting to be baled
Early summer morning. The moon setting in the West.