Welcome to Heryford Homestead! This is my first blog post and I’m so excited. Living in a rural community has so many advantages. People are usually willing to give you a helping hand, share their talent, and encourage you along the way.

I have wanted to have a website for quite some time but just did not take the time to find someone create one for me. I am a substitute teacher for a few different schools in our area. Simms High School is where I spend most of my time. It’s a small school with 155 students 6-12th grades. When I was subbing for Jenny Rohrer’s web-design class, I was amazed to see the talent and profession level that the students exhibited.

I asked Mrs. Rohrer if her class might need a project. She agreed to have her class take on designing my web-site as their next assignment! I was their customer and offered a cash award to the student who’s design I chose. The nine students each created a design just for me! It was not an easy decision. They were each amazing and very professional.

So it is with much gratitude to Rebecca Carroll of Simms High that I now have this wonderful web-site and blog! And a big shout out to her instructor Mrs. Rohrer for giving me this opportunity.

I hope that you enjoy visiting our homestead.