“Wee” Apple Pies

I love to quilt, cook, and create (doesn’t that sound more industrious than playing, even though it really is kind of playing?) and I REALLY love to put all three of those things together! Which is what I get to do several times a year when I cook for my friend Carrie’s quilt retreats. I prepare, deliver, and share six meals with groups of 17-35 ladies who are staying at a hotel and quilting for four days. They are so sweet and I like to make them some special treats.

I have a little orchard, like really little, six trees to be exact, ok…seven if you count the cherry in the garden. In the “orchard” are two semi-dwarf apple trees. One is a Harol Red…it produces lots of terrible apples! A friend said, “Harol apples are so bad that a five gallon bucket of them will keep all winter long and feed a family of five.” I throw them in with others for the cider.

The other tree is my lovely Honey Crisp….ahhh. This year the little sweetie produced more than ever!

Aren’t they beautiful? That darling enamel tub was my Dad’s baby bathtub 🙂

Honey Crisp apples are the BEST….for everything….except keeping. So, we eat as many as possible right away, make pies, freeze pie filling, and add the rest to the cider group. They are particularly sweet this year. The first pies were amazing which were the inspiration for the “wee” pies for the the retreat ladies, well that and Pinterest!

My pie crust is a combination of several recipes but I feel that I have…eh-hem…mastered, a delightfully, flaky pie crust, thank you! ( well, that is unless I accidentally buy un-salted butter…trust me…use salted butter.) I kind of “throw together” the filling and taste it for sweetness and spice….I hope my recipe is correct as I have been making these 20 at a time 😉

I used these little pans and ordered the cute forks from “In the Clear” on Etsy. Dawn will print most any saying that you want on wooden utensils. She’s done several for me. They are way fun…I think anyway!

Then, I tied each little pie with a 1/2″ x 42″ strip of hounds-tooth flannel, why?…. because it’s flannel season and everyone’s wearing it this time of the year.

I’m thinking of making “wee” pies; pumpkin, huckleberry, & of course Honey Crisp for Thanksgiving. What do ya think?

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