Lambs, a sign of spring….right?

Calving in January and February this year was brutal. But, lambing in March should be no problem. Well, that is typically true. Not this year. March roared in like a lion bringing lambs along with it! That’s not right, is it? I thought it was either in like a lion or a lamb and out with the other. So lion weather and wet soggy little lambs just don’t read like the cover of Country Living’s , “oh so springy March issue”! But be that as it may. They are here….cute little lambs. And I am in Heaven!

Eliza Jane….just try getting Vince Gill’s “Little Liza Jane” out of your head now!!
Ezra-I name the lambs alphabetically each year-this is the “E” year!
Ester was born on a lovely -36 morning and had to spend a little time in the laundry room….all warmed up she decided to tour the rest of the house!

Regardless of the weather, these little cuties have me thinking spring. I am pouring over the seed catalogs and drooling over the baby chicks at the feed store however…..

My garden looks like this!
The brooder house like this.
And….the chicken house like this!!

So, for now spring is limited to the lambing pen and calving barn. Hopefully, if March goes out like a lamb….lions don’t come.

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  1. Stacy Bronec says:

    Such cute little lambs!

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