Irish Moss Stitch Scarf

Five years ago my husband and I were talking about getting a few sheep to graze the driveway. We have had sheep in the past and really enjoyed them. They were however, breeds raised primarily for meat, not great wool producers. While trying to decide which breed we should purchase, I mentioned that I would like to learn to spin yarn. Russ said, “how cool would it be for you if you could knit yarn made from your own sheep’s wool?”

The search began and soon I settled on the Romney breed. You will soon learn everything you ever want to know (and lots you don’t really care to know) about Romney sheep from this point forward!

So, fast forward and today I want to share with you a project that I just finished knitting with yarn made from my own sheep’s wool. Now, I have used other yarns from them but those yarns were spun at the mill where I have the wool processed….more on The Wool Mill later.

This particular yarn was hand spun from roving that I gave to a friend who returned it to me in the form of yarn! It is so beautiful and rugged. Randy is my instructor, and a master spinner and knitter. So is Ann his wife. I love gleaning every bit of information that I possibly can from their vast fiber knowledge.

Irish Moss Stitch

What to do with this rugged, “manly” yarn….humm? When I discovered the simple Irish Moss Stitch, I knew what my project would be. A scarf to give to the most important person in my wool business….the shearer. If it were not for Brent Roeder, my neighbor and professional sheep shearer I would not be able to stay in this business. After all, you have to get the wool off the sheep before you can do anything else with it!

Irish Moss Stitch Scarf


  • 220 yards worsted weight 100% wool yarn
  • Size 7 knitting needles


Cast on 40 stitches (multiples of 2 for desired width).

Row 1: *K1, P1* Repeat pattern between the * * asterisks

Row 2: *K1, P1*

Row 3: *P1, K1*

Row 4: *P1, K1*

Repeat rows 1-4 until your piece is the length you desire.

That’s it a beautiful, reversible, “manly” scarf!