Flowers for Pollinators!

Who doesn’t love a cute little honey bee?

My honey bees are not very concerned with what looks pretty.  They are interested in food resources. Flowers provide pollen or nectar to hungry bees.  And some plants provide both! Good pollen sources help raise young bees and good nectar sources  are needed for bees to make honey.

Flower diversity is key to a honey bee’s diet.

Every blooming flowers that produces nectar or pollen counts.  And, if you have room a variety of flowers for bees will promote better bee health.   Use different kinds of plants, this gives a diverse diet.   And it’s not just food for honey bees, other pollinators will benefit as well.  

Honey bees find flowers that are blue, purple and yellow most appealing. Blossoms with red or pink hues are not preferred by honey bees but will be used if more desirable flowers are not available.

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